Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm 1!

Happy Birthday "Bubba"
I can't believe he is 1. He is so much fun! So happy that he is here with us. We had a quiet evening celebrating his birthday.
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I think it's safe to say he enjoyed his cake. I think about half of it ended up on the floor.

Yeah random, sorry earlier that day I took these pics. These are the bunnies living under our porch. They are so stinking cute. Gosh our girls and their friends keep pestering the poor things.

Field day at Taylor's school. I had a blast watching the kids play all the games and races. Here's Austin just hanging with mom.

Lauren, Taylor and Brooklyn (Tay's best friend). Love how they all have braids.


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  2. Happy Birthday Austin! I can't believe that he is 1 already!!! Where has the time gone!? My goodness he is a cutie!!!

  3. Oh Aundra your kids are so gosh darn beautiful! I can't wait to see them this weekend.