Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Latest

Just thought I'd give a quick blurb of we have kinda been up to. I added picks from newest to oldest. Its been a crazy, great summer. We finally moved into our new house, which we love more and more everyday. Taken a few trips, and tried to enjoy the nice weather as much as possible. It's amazing how fast summer goes. Not sure I am ready for this cold weather again.
First pic is Shell Falls, near Shell WY.
We were there last weekend for a camping trip, not so fun when it's 40 degrees and raining nonstop. Oh well we still had fun.

Joe and the kids did a little fishing. Nice fish babe!

Our new place. Keeping us busy with painting, painting and more painting. It's a great house and the kids love it. Lots of space to run and play hide and go seek.

Tay's is 7! She wanted to have a tea party. They had lots of fun.
Wish she would stop growing.

So here we are at the aquarium in Denver. Denver is awesome! We had a ball! Did lots of walking, not by choice, and site seeing. We will go back for sure here soon. Lauren and Taylor's fav was feeding the sting rays. Really cool, they bite though. Had no idea until one took a chunk out of my finger.

Kinda random to have a tiger at the aquarium, oh well.

Taylor and Bobby. Enjoying roasting some marshmallows at Cindy Grandma's house in California. Too much fun. We were there for Jessie's graduation and Bobby's baptism.

Austin and daddy at hmm..ahhh I can't remember which beach. Maybe Bodega Bay? The kids actually swam in the water. It was way chilly.

Love this pic, crazy boys. This is following Bobby's baptism.
I'll enclose some more pics soon. Once I getting a little bit more time.