Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Can't you just see the excitement on Joel's face? So I ask myself why we do this to ourselves! So last weekend we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. Uhh..What a zoo that place is. Joe and I joked about how they need to set one of these up in Gitmo, total torture! Kid's everywhere, the games don't even work, the music was annoying. Call me a bad mom, but jike's! Instant headache. The kid's really did have a good time. Scored some fun little prizes. So I think we were ranking pretty high on their lists. Oh the things we do for our children.

So since it was so gorgeous outside, we decided to stop at this park and let the kids get more of their energy out. They had a great time. Felt great to relax and let the Excedrin kick in, you need it after a Chuck E Cheese experience!!