Monday, August 17, 2009

Catch up time!

The girls caught "Mr. Toad". He's been living outside our door
until recently. (I think he had enough of them) They fed
him cereal and grass. Don't think he was too crazy bout that.
They sure had fun with him.

So here we are at a waterslide park in Billings!
We had such a great time! If you look real close you can see
little Taylor getting ready to go down the slide. What a stud!
Maybe I am too much of a chicken. She loved this slide. Ahh!
Look how high up that thing is. I couldn't do it!

Lauren isn't a big fan of the slides on the other hand
she sat and picked flowers and grass instead.

Taylor's 6Th Birthday. Oh my gosh I seriously can not believe
I have a 6 yr old. She couldn't wait to open her presents
so that was the first thing we did once we all got up. She
was ecstatic to have gotten the Wii.

About 2 months old here. Trying to keep those sunrays off him.
Yes Angie we are at the pool!