Saturday, May 15, 2010

I give up on trying to stay on top of my blog. I just have too much going on lately. These are not the most recent photos, but I will post more later. So what's new with us...? Hmm..not a whole lot. Joe has been working graveyard shifts these last 2 weeks straight. I am going out of my mind. I hate when he works nights. Tonight is his last night, yahoo! Tay's is almost done with school. So excited about that, summer is coming. And oh were under contract to buy a house, finally! Were way excited and praying all goes threw.
Here we are out and about at the local lake doing some fishing.
We had fun, just a little windy!
And just behind you, a great view of the plant! It's huge

Love my girls, so cute. Taylor loves to pose for pic's. Lauren
not so much, she'd rather pick flowers.

It was a little windy!!!! Guess they were trying to keep warm?

Here they are not luck fishing!!
Here's Tay's and her cousin Olivia. We had such a wonderful time visiting my family in Missoula. My brother Scott and his wife Laura were up visiting from Vegas. This was our first time meeting Olivia. She is such a doll. So sweet, amazing baby. We had a great trip. Can't wait to see them again in July.

Maybe a little bit too much excitement for Austin. It's hard traveling and keeping your kids on schedule. While we were there Austin took his first steps. So fun to have my family see the whole thing take place. He is such a fun little man. I love the stage he is in now. His personality is really coming out. He's a total goof, loves to play and mess around with the girls. Now he is walking around like crazy.
Two weeks ago he said his first word, "uh oh". He drops everything just so he can say "uh oh". And last week he started saying "momma". So fun, how do you stop them from growing?


  1. You are under contract to buy a house!? HOORAY!!! What house!? Fill me in! We need to get caught up! :)

  2. I know so excited! It's the Batie's house on Olive. It's the adorable one! I need to find a way to get you all that activity day's stuff. Hope all is going well!