Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tag Filled

Monday Joe got his buck. This is his first eastern Montana
mule deer. The next 3 weekends he will be hunting western Montana.
With elk on the brain. Hoping for a big one! Good luck Joe!


Taylor our drama queen. Gotta love that face!
Just carving some pumpkins!

Mean while Austin is just hanging out! So cute!

Finished product. They turned out great girls, good job!
Joe and I joke every year, why do we do this to ourselves!
Usually it's just us sitting at the table carving away, while they
run around. Oh well!

Halloween party at Taylor's school. Here is one of her best
buds Brooklyn. Those two I tell you, were in trouble!
I was lucky to help out and decorate for the party. Following
they had a Halloween Concert.

Lauren you look so stinking cute. You can just
tell she is excited. Look at that smile!

My 50's girl. Looking adorable as ever.

My little cow, got milk?

Here the kids are at the church doing the "Trunk or Treat"
They had a great time.

Daddy and his girls!
Align Center

Trick or Treat


Love, love, love this. Just a great example
of all the fun stuff you can put in these frames. Special
thanks to my wonderful hubby who did such a great job cutting all
the wood. Couldn't have done it without yah babe!
So here it is, the last of the crafts. So happy to be done!
I promise I won't post anymore of this crap on here.

Plexi frames. The Cream one I am going to hang.

Check out the recipe card holders! Snazzy right?

Super fun Christmas countdown

Fun boards

Here are some Halloween crafts. I finished them a while ago, but...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Faux Stone

Here is a house I did with the faux stone. My friend requested
I put this on here for reference. So here you go, hope this helps.
If you want to know how to make it look like the wall is cracking
and the stone is showing through just call. Hope this is enough.