Saturday, September 12, 2009


I haven't had the chance to post much. My parents came into town to help out with the kids, while I had a doctor appt. So excited to say as of 9/9/09 at 9 am our house has officially been sold! We keep talking on how its going to take a while for it actually to sink in. We are super excited! I have to say Taylor made a really cute comment the other day. We were just hanging out in our lovely town house. She looks at me and says,"Mom do you ever get the feeling that this is not home?" I said, "all the time." It made me happy knowing that she knows what "home" feels like. I think we all will miss our "white house" (as Lauren calls it), but we will find a new "home" here soon. We hope. Other than that not a whole lot is going on with us. Taylor is enjoying schools. I think Lauren and I will do a home school preschool, here in a few months. Austin is just a happy little guy, such a joy! Joe is working a lot. Like now he's working 16 hours straight. Do not know how he does it. And as for me, just getting crafts ready for a craft fair. Me and a friend have some really cute stuff! I'll post a picture of our display table. So were all just trying to stay busy!

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Family Pic's

Here we are at Greenough Park. It is so pretty there. Thanks to my mom for taking these pic's! The girls had a great time. I think the girls favorite part was throwing the rocks into the river. One of my favorite pictures is of the girls holding hands walking.

Austin's Photo Shoot

Here are some more pic's that my
friend Deserae took. She is such
a wonderful photographer. Just
posting these pics so my fam. can see
this chunky little guy. It is so amazing how fast they grow!

First Day of School

Taylor was so excited to get back to school. She is a big first grader now.
Mrs. Myers is her teacher, and
Taylor loves her. I have to admit that I too was excited for school to
start. I guess it's a annual thing here, moms get together for a
celebratory breakfast. We had some
wonderful crepes. Lauren is a little sad about Taylor being gone during
the day. But I think it's a good break for those two. Watching Taylor walk away I got a little chocked up!